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wGPA rounded to the second decimal place?

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Hello again fellow premeds. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if UofO roundup a persons wGPA to the second place to be used in the wGPA calculation, or whether they just keep it as is. 

For example, would a 3.847 be converted to a 3.85 to be used for cutoffs or will they only use the first 2 decimals as are for the cutoffs? 


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On 5/2/2019 at 4:19 PM, Bawgg said:

I spoke with the Admin folks at UofO and they told me that it does get rounded up. So using the above example, a 3.847 would become a 3.85. Just posting this so other readers know. 

That's interesting. Maybe they changed it this year, because past posts going back years in this forum have all said 3 decimal points. This is good news!

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Pre-interview it's rounded to two decimal places. If you do the math from the GPA calculations on their website, you can see that this is true.

While they don't necessarily state that post-interview it's 3 decimal spots, intuitively it makes sense. When going down the waitlist there will be multiple students with a 3.96, 3.95 etc.. when you get to the end of the waitlist, how do you differentiate between multiple applicants who have the same GPA? You use the third decimal.

This can also be seen if you go through the waitlist invites from previous years.

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