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Schulich - Grad Degree Bonus Points??

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Am I trippin or is this new?

It's from the FAQs on Schulich's site. I never knew there was a bonus for a grad degree.


also the next FAQ below it says having a grad degree doesn't increase chance of acceptance...:


I haven't slept much so idk if I'm just missing something obvious or if these are contradicting each other. Has anyone heard of a grad degree bonus before?

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44 minutes ago, mothernature said:

Update: they replied to my email and said it was a mistake and there is no bonus for a grad degree. They updated their dentistry FAQ and somehow that question ended up in the medicine FAQ by mistake.

Ha, good catch though - and now they can update their system to be more accurate. 

I was surprised to see that as they haven ever had any sort of bonus for grad before and it doesn't fit their philosophy to have one either.  Not that having a grade degree isn't useful for western - it just isn't that direct of a bonus. 

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