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Interview thank you letter?

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Hey guys, 

Is it appropriate to send a thank you message to the admissions committee for the interview opportunity? I've been doing a bit of reading and it seems that in the US it is pretty well expected but largely their interview style is not MMI... so it isn't a commonplace thing in Canada...
While I genuinely feel inclined to send this note of appreciation because I really enjoyed my interview day, I feel like it could be misinterpreted as insincere and an attempt to sway admissions decisions.

So... does not sending a letter not hurt my application? Does sending a letter potentially hurt my application?


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Don’t do that, everything that adcom needs to decide has been done. I even remember reading Ottawa saying if they received something that could put your application at risk. Point 1 https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions/application-process

Just distract yourself with anything and everything until May my friend. Good luck. 

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