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Lecturing/prof during M1

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Anecdotally, I have friends who have given guest lectures for undergraduate courses in medical school. None have ever completely taught a course though, and I'd imagine the rigid schedule of undergrad courses may sometimes conflict with the more prone to changing medical school schedule.

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If you wanted to apply to be a part-time lecturer or teaching assistant, the best place to start is probably is to check the job postings:


You may notice that many of the postings at Dalhousie require a PhD in the discipline that is being taught. The minimum requirement is usually a graduate degree in that discipline, with PhD preferred. I know for lower year courses (with large class sizes) they will want to you demonstrate that you have previous experience lecturing to at least 100 students or more.

For a TA position, preference will probably be given to current grad students but it wouldn’t hurt to apply.

You’ll also notice the rate of pay is rather low, particularly for the amount of work you’ll be required to do. If you’re doing this for monetary reasons, I would agree with what Bambi is saying - focus on medical school. But maybe you are interested in teaching experience? 

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I found medical school a full time job and would not have had the time. And regarding the money, it would have been zero sum gain, as my bursary would have been reduced pro tanto, so I would have earned zero. This would have been an unnecessary distraction for me.

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I would strongly advise against the plan.  Teaching an undergrad course is a lot of time and responsibility (class & office hours + preparation incl exams, detailed schedule, etc..).  I don't see how one could actually teach and go to medical school, given the schedule demands of both.  Besides, PhD or prior teaching experience is usually the norm. 

That being said,  giving a few lectures in an upper year course/seminar or running a seminar style course with a smaller group of students might be feasible and could be a great experience.

I'm not sure acting as a TA while in medical school would be that interesting - grading papers and having office hours would be less work however.  Usually TA positions are reserved for current grad students to help pay for studies or sometimes senior undegrads.  

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