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Doing a second undergrad chances for University of Toronto Med

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I have a neuroscience B.Sc Honours but I noticed I fulfill the requirements for a B.A in psychology as well. My GPA in my B.Sc is low (2.8..) but in the B.A it's a 3.8. The university I'm at requires you to take an additional 10 courses outside of your original degree to claim the new degree. Therefore, I'd have one degree with a hopefully 3.7/3.8 GPA granted the new courses don't change much.


My question is - what are my chances for UofT med school with a second degree? I already have a masters and a 3.9 GPA in that, 4 first author publications, over 10 academic awards, and 20 conference presentations. My original goal was academia which I know I'm a strong candidate for Ph.D. programs but I am frustrated with the subjectivity of research and publications that I've decided to try to pursue neurology.


Basically - what are my chances?

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