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Curious to know peoples opinion about dental school in UWA, i know their cutoff is around 5.5/7.0 for their GPA (translates to a 2.75/4.0) and they have a cap of around 5 international students but im wondering  if i should even apply.... honestly my GPA isn't the strongest but it is higher than the "2.75" they require (not by a crazy amount tho, im taking around 3.0-3.2).  I haven't done my DAT yet but I do have intentions of doing it in the upcoming nov

hypothetically speaking if you can kill the DAT, have good extracurriculars and do well on the interview, what are the ACTUAL chances of getting in? i just want to know if i should give up on this dream and continue to move on with my life or should I attempt it 

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I think its possible and you never know what will happen! I think its free to apply to that school through OzTREKK as well, so you're not losing anything by applying. I will say that I have quite a bit of volunteer experience and that helped me answer 3-4 questions in the interview and personalize it to me. Like you, I was worried about getting in since 5-6 international seats seems like nothing. If you can shine in the interview and score high on the DAT, you have a decent shot. 

There's also the University of Sydney and some other schools in Australia that have considerably more seats. 

I would say go for it, especially if its your dream. The faculty I met at the interview were also very inviting and nice. 

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