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Defer/Extension Option at SGUL Nicosia Medical School

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I received an offer from the SGUL Nicosia Medical School, and I was wondering if anyone who is or used to be a student here could answer the following questions: 

1) Is it possible to ask the school to defer my offer because I am currently waiting to hear back from several schools I am waitlisted at and SGUL Nicosia gave me only 14 days to decide whether to accept my offer? If so, under what circumstances does SGUL Nicosia accept a request for deferring an acceptance?

2) Has anyone asked for an extension to accept your offer from this school? If so, under what circumstances did you request an extension and how likely is it for the school to extend their deadline to accept an offer? 

Thank you!

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Are you waiting to hear back from Canadian schools? Are you hoping to return to Canada for residency or practice later on after medical school? If yes to both, I would honestly pass on the offer and even if you aren't accepted off the waitlist from a Canadian school this year, apply again next year. The fact that you're on the waitlist means your application has a good chance of getting accepted in Canada so I would not jump the gun on going IMG (unless you have no plans on returning to Canada to practice afterwards).

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