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28 minutes ago, Lactic Folly said:

Do you mean sharpening your skills for clerkship in general, or for the elective specifically? For derm, I'd imagine you'd want to read up on commonly seen conditions in that field.

Sharpening my clinical skills for clerkship in general! I was already planning on reading up on derm before starting :) 

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If this is your first rotation ever, I would hope that the expectations of your preceptor(s) would be relatively lax. One way to stand out, in my opinion, would be to develop excellent history taking skills, as this would be (likely) your primary role. Being extremely thorough, yet direct with your questioning, is something that you will do continuously throughout your clerkship, and so developing good habits now will serve you in the long run. I'm not sure what your derm rotation is like, but I did a 2-week selective in derm a month or so ago, and it was entirely private practice. You will see a lot of psoriasis, eczema, actinic keratosis, some skin cancers, etc. Knowing how to treat those, and describe them accurately with appropriate terminology, I think, would be the difference between a good clerk and an outstanding clerk. Lastly, ask to do things in the clinic like punch biopsies. It shows you take initiative, and it's also probably the most exciting part of the rotation if you ask me. Best of luck!

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