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This might be a dumb question but does the number of credits for a course affect the gpa calculation at UBC. For example is a 95% in a 4 credit course the same as a 95% in a 2 credit course when calculated as a percent average.

In gpa calculations, an A- in a 2 credit course will drop your gpa much less than in a 4 credit course.

Or do they just add all the percent of courses and divide by the number of courses?


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1 minute ago, Aspiring-Doctor said:

Hi friends, I have a quick question. 

So if a school does not give A+, theoretically even if someone had a 4.0 aGPA, the converted UBC GPA would be 92%, and the maximum AQ score this applicant could get is around 33-34/50. Could someone confirm maybe? 

Thank you! 


Yup, I think that sounds about right.  It’s too bad the scaling is like that, but that’s still a very good AQ score!

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