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Exam week stress

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Approach the situation with gratitude first, fear second. Realize there are way, way bigger things that are going to worry you in your life than exams. Realize that your perspective is limited right now and zooming out from your life as a whole is going to help you gain a broader sense of "Wow, in the end, this doesn't matter all that much. I just gotta do my best, and whatever happens, happens."

Good luck.

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3 hours ago, Ms. Chip Skylark said:

Hope this doesn't freak you out even more. 


** Proceeds to air dirty laundry about somewhat unrelated personal situation.



We all need space to complain about our woes, but you might want to make a new thread instead of hijacking OP's, not to mention re-reading my post a few times.

If you'd like me to make the new thread for you let me know.

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