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The Cycle of Waiting 1. Hoping: “I have good stats, I think! I did okay in the interview...let me check the Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist thread again...” 2. Imagining: “If I get in, what will

It kind of feels weird knowing that in less than 24 hours, the trajectory of my life could be drastically different.  On the other hand, I sincerely wish you all the best of luck!!! Regardless of

Kawhi Leonard is my daddy

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Just now, ysera said:

And some people have apparently received waitlist on the student portal for Western so... im starting to think more and more that this is real and we have done it.


It's fucking unbelievable but I won't rest easy until I have the email in my hands.

yes i know of people on the waitlist as well based on student center 

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You guys do realize that your fates have been sealed in a computer server since like late March/early April right? Therefore, if you are accepted, it definitely is not an error. If you aren't accepted, it may be a waitlist/rejection/acceptance that has not reflected on OMSAS. I would not act on what is on OMSAS (unless you've 1 interview and got accepted there) since you could get accepted to Mac but your acceptance to Toronto would update later etc. 

Acceptance on OMSAS = High specificity, Low sensitivity (there you go, your first lesson on medicine ;)

Congratulations to everyone that got accepted. Keep hanging in there to everyone that got waitlisted. And don't give up to everyone that got rejected.

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