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  • 4 weeks later...

Got off the NB waitlist last Thursday!

gpa: 4.1 (unb 4.3 scale), honors biology-chemistry

Current biochem masters student at Dal

MCAT 522: 132, 131, 130, 129 (Bio, CARS, Phys, Psych or whatever those 3 letter codes are..... order in which you write it)

Fair amount of diverse health related volunteering but not as long term as probably many applicants: Street health program, hospice, cancer center, veterans hospital, adult day care volunteer for patients with dementia. Also helped start a youth group at my church in undergrad and volunteered as an assistant karate instructor. Lots of lifeguarding and camp counselor jobs with some leadership positions.

This was my fourth application cycle haha. I've had a hard time with the interview process as I'm pretty introverted by nature but I've also done a lot to improve my ECs over the past couple years. Worked hard this year on my interview skills and it paid off! Felt like a good interview overall, which I was thankful for. I've always really liked MUN as a focused and socially accountable school so I'm really excited to attend in September!

This was my third time on a med school waitlist lol (twice for MUN haha...). Be kind to yourselves friends! You guys are all excellent and I know how hard you've probably worked as well as an estimated stress level.... Sending nothing but good vibes and encouragement!!!! If a little turtle like me got in I'm sure you can too!!!



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