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Has anyone’s verifiers been contacted?

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One of my verifiers was contacted!!!!  They also said she has to respond by Friday, so assuming invitations will be late next week or after. Freaking out trying to crack the code as to what it means. Is it a good sign?  Are they verifying the people they accepted, or the people near the cutoff line?!  I know we don’t know, but my verifier actually used to work on the board who reviews the MD applications and she said “I’d Take it as a good sign”. I’ll just continue to freak out about it :) 

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1 hour ago, i8aSS said:

I was under the impression that you're suppose to send an email as a verifier/reference? Why would you be calling?

The email said to call/email if you had anything to say to the admissions committee. I took that as doing it for if you were saying it was accurate, but I read it wrong, it was mostly if something was wrong and you wanted a human to talk to. Either way it worked out and I got some information out of them for us too


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