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Retaining information longitudinally

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Hi guys,

At my school we have short blocks and frequent tests (every 2-4 weeks usually) and I find that pretty much as soon as that exam is over, the information is gone from my brain. I was shadowing a few days ago and realized I had lost information I had known cold just a couple of weeks before.  It makes me very nervous for clerkship. Does anyone have advice for being able to retain information on a longer-term basis? 

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That's normal because in preclerkship you're not using any of that info.

You'll be surprised at how much you remember when you're in clerkship and the process of clerkship will facilitate further consolidation through experience.

Medicine is a process of learning, forgetting and then re-learning.

The most useful thing in clerkship would be to have an approach to common clinical presentations, that involves having a working differential and being able to tailor your history and physical around it. 

Case files can be helpful to practice the above process prior to clerkship as you can simulate thinking through the vignettes and the books generally contain the common clinical presentations and high yield stuff for clerkship exams. But really getting 'good at medicine' is a function of time, assuming you are putting forth requisite effort and accrue an adequate range of clinical experience.

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