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I assume most people who post on this thread are experienced in carms and have done their electives. I know that the clerkship years vary from school to school in Canada and given their importance down the road I was wondering if someone can help clear a few things up.

1) What should someone look for in terms of electives if they are given multiple offers for different schools?

2) What are pre-carms electives (or maybe I should ask, what are the relevant timelines)? 

3) Are you at a disadvantage if you complete medical school in one province but want to do residency in another? (similar to the quotas provinces have for medical school)

Thank you!

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From personal experience and may not be the same for everyone

1) This question really depends on what you are interested in, but in general Look to do electives broadly in places you eventually want to match to. This accomplishes two things, first you get to experience a program that you might spend 2-5 years in, and also you want the faculty and residents to get to know you - especially true for smaller programs. Some places also won’t even give you an interview if you didn’t go. Also some schools like seeing you’ve done an elective in their area, e.g if you’re from BC but don’t do any electives past Alberta, Ontario might question your commitment to that area.


2) Pre carms electives are ones done generally before applications are submitted and references are due. This is important because you might want letters from places you’re interested in and you might want the panel to already know you before file review starts. 


3) this also depends on what speciality you’re interested in. schools have increased pressure to take their own, especially this cycle, so there is always a disadvantage with that and also not spending with much time with the faculty as their own in home students will, that being said, many of my classmates matched out of province and within province but different school 

hope that helps a bit 

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