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Grades after PT interview Uottawa

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Hey guys, 

I was just wondering if any of you know if grades count even after the interview process for physio at Uottawa. I already had the interview, but I'm still finishing my semester which it is not going very well. I know the first round of acceptance is on May 17th and at Uottawa finals grades are posted at the latest May 14th. And my worry is that this last semester grades can change my acceptance to the program. My GPA is 3.7 right now. 


Thank you to anyone who responds! 

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As far as I know, ORPAS only sends the fall grades to the schools so they don't actually take into account your final semester for the GPA calculation. I'm a PT student at uOttawa so I'm familiar with the application process (which was the most stressful part of my undergrad lol) and grades do count after the interview (they use your interview score and sGPA to classify applicants), but not your final semester so no worries! 

Best of luck! 

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