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13 minutes ago, KeyzerSoze said:

Anyone know the Late withdrawals  work at UWO? I've read past threads that say late withdrawals aren't recorded as an F, but UWO website says if I withdraw past the drop deadline then the course is recorded as an F on my transcript. Is that what OMSAS sees? An F?

School dependent. If there is a failure value recorded with the late withdrawal then OMSAS will record it as a failure. But a late withdrawal usually means you are WELL into the term, so after the 2nd drop deadline (0% refund tuition) 

For example, at UofT, they denote a late withdrawal as a LWD --> but it has no value assigned to it and thus it is not recorded.

At Waterloo, a late withdrawal after the 2nd deadline is considered a WF (value of 32) --> since there is a value associated with the WF, OMSAS will treat the course as a failure.

In your case, if the school assigned an "F", in other words, a failing mark, OMSAS will record it as a failing mark since there is a mark assigned to the course. 

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