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Hi Guys,

Looking for some advice. I just completed my undergraduate degree, however, I have not yet been accepted to medical school. I am still very eager and determined to achieve my goal of becoming a practicing medical physician, however, I am not sure which route will provide me with the best opportunity to achieve such a goal. I have a strong cGPA (3.88-89) depending on how I finish the year, with my 2 best years likely first and fourth - 3.92 in first and somewhere between 3.88-3.9 in fourth year.

I did not well amazing on the CARS section on my MCAT, so I will be writing it again this summer in addition to working in a lab. The main weakness in my application is lack of research experience and output in addition to needing another strong reference. For next year, I have narrowed it down to either applying for a masters program or working in a lab during the following year to receive additional experience.

Please let me know what you recommend and which path would be more beneficial.

Thank you

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I see many premeds falling into the trap of trying to strategically improve their application. With admissions being a bit of black box its difficult to predict what you "need" to improve. Its more important to think about pursuing things that you are interested in and excited to see personal growth in. Choose the route thats right for you, rather than trying to fit it in the context of admissions. 

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