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Should I do a 5th year or graduate?

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32 minutes ago, Confusedyorkie said:

Thank you for the response! My MCAT was 514 (129/127/129/129) so I'm planning to rewrite for CARS.

I suppose my best course of action then is to improve my mcat and ECs (description+breadth) rather than a 5th year?

Your MCAT is still really good, though it pulls you out of Western (128 was this year's cutoff). Your GPA should be fine enough for McMaster even with that CARS score, I've seen people get interviews with 126 with your GPA. In that case, CASPer would be what is pulling you down (for Ottawa too). 

You meet cutoffs for Toronto and Queen's, therefore it may speak to how you're describing your ECs. To be honest, this part of the application is extremely arbitrary compared to the other objective components. However, when you describe them, they should align with the CanMEDs roles, but should also be personally meaningful. However, again, if you get a person who just doesn't jive with what you are writing, you're SOL (same with the interview, unfortunately). It's the downside of having soooooo many people applying who possess exceptional stats, like yourself. 

Way to go getting an interview this year. Even though the outcome wasn't what you would have wanted, it's still such an accomplishment. The whole process is a learning experience, and I'm sure from your experiences this year, next year you'll be a lot more prepared. 



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