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For some of my verifiers who have known I was interested in medicine since the beginning, and are less... formal... I legit start off my email with “it’s that time of the year again, (insert progress from last cycle), update on my life over the past year, changes I’ve made to my application, updated CV, please let me know if you’d still be down to be a verifier” 

you will definitely reach a few no-replies, so think up of a few back up verifiers, but for the most part I’m sure that those who will be a verified understand that medicine is a hard field to get in to  



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This was SO ME getting in after my 4th attempt last year. So awkward. I dreaded it every year (even with the “It’s that time of year again...” line).

But the perk, is that when you finally do get in, you get to send them all one last OMGWEDIDIT email. Everyone of them responded with about the same level of enthusiasm I did. I even had some super random HR people (because let’s face it, after a while Supervisors leave, but HR shall remain) responding like they’ve been following my story for years, asking me to stay in touch. 

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