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Number of Filled NAQ Entries

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I put 3, 3, 3, 6, 0 for Leadership, Service Ethic, Work with Others, Diversity of Experience, High Performance. And then I had 13 employment entries (I'm old!). 

So I didn't fill everything out, but I had 28 entries, so that's fairly substantial volume. What I will say is that I think each entry improved my application to some degree, and very rarely will you be penalized for an entry. 

The above seems to have worked for me; there's no way I could have gotten an interview without a strong NAQ score because my GPA is meh. 


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I filled everything but the High Performance - but as @DoctorArts said above, I went through and asked myself what each entry added to my app. My app is really EC focused because that's where my app strength is, so I would not say that it is neccessary to fill everything. That being said, don't forget you can include things like your love for photography/writing/fitness/whales whatever - what makes you unique?


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I filled all the Leadership, Service Ethic, Capacity to Work with Others, and Diversity of Experience + 1 High Performance activity + 7 Employment entries (but really, only 4-5 of the employments are significant).  I do agree with the above that frankly quality triumphs over quantity.  But if you have entries/activities that seem alright to include, why not?  Even negative experiences that have contributed to your growth and maturity are worth including.

The point of the application is to enable adcom to picture who you are as an individual and what unique qualities you possess that may be of interest for their entering class.  If the entries you've submitted do that, then quantity is sort of irrelevant at that point.  In other words, filling up your application will increase the probability of painting that picture clearly, but it's not necessary.

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