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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could give honest feedback about my situation. I have been in this lab for a few months, I had been given some real science work from time to time and also some data entry  and organization work related to the organism being studied. Few weeks later, I was only given the latter. Not that I did horribly in the science work but I was alright said my supervisor. At some point, I feel like the skills that can be learned in the lab are now suppressed toward me and idk why? I was upfront with my goals and all that but all of a sudden I am getting cold treatment. The agreement was I would come frequently in the lab but I am allowed only once a week and there’s an expectation that I should have learned everything by now. When in fact each week has something new to do. I am also most of the time ignored when I raise concerns as to what I want to learn more. Is it still worth it to stay in this lab? thanks

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Why waste your time if you are not learning skills that align with your goals?

Are you misunderstanding the priorities of your lab and supervisor? Perhaps your supervisor is overloaded and doesnt have time to deal with you at this time? Book time with him when he's available without distractions. then decide next steps

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