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What are my chances of getting into med school with a low GPA?


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As a result of existential circumstances, poor study habits, and poor strategic course planning, my GPA is approximately a 3.4ish. I will be pursuing a research-based masters program this upcoming fall. I am pretty close to giving up my dream as a doctor due to my low GPA. However, what are my chances of making it into med school after my masters?

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A Masters really wont make up for a rather low GPA.   It can be the difference in getting the interview if you are really close to the GPA threshold.

Do figure out your weighted wGPA for different schools.  Do you have 2 good years that could count towards Queens or Western ?  Or does dropping 8 half credits help for U of T ?

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Dont give up hope yet! Some of the Ontario schools will assess your application differently if you’ve done grad school (University of Toronto for sure). I think this largely depends on your research productivity/publications and they want you to definitely finish before admitting you to the program. There is also an academic explanations essay to discuss your extenuating circumstances.

Taking an extra year of classes to boost your GPA is probably the most direct way to improve your chances at multiple schools though (a bunch want at least 2 years over 3.7). A masters is super cool and a great thing to do in its own right (but it probably only marginally improves your odds for Ontario schools). Other provinces/countries might be a different story though! It might take longer, but if it’s the dream there are plenty of options you can try to get you there! 

As a side note, all of this “existential circumstances, poor study habits, and poor strategic courseplanning” sounds like you’ve learned from things and you’re probably better prepared from them. Life happens and sometimes it means the gpa takes a hit. Doesn’t mean you can’t be a great doctor someday.

Best wishes to you 

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