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Another question about post-interview scores

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Hi all, I feel like the post-interview scoring question has been asked quite a few times so sorry about this haha I'm just confused as to how applicants are evaluated following the interview. Looking through the forum, I've read a lot of posts that say it's 100% your interview score.

Ottawa's website says the following: "Following the interview, preliminary rank order lists are prepared based on a combined score using the WGPA and the interview performance (a poor interview may not be ranked). In the event of ties in the final scores, candidates with the highest WGPA will be ranked higher. The admissions committee may take other factors into consideration when ranking each candidate"

Based on the first sentence, does it mean that they actually take your GPA into account or are they pretty firm on the interview score being worth 100% of the evaluation? 

Sorry if this question has been asked in the past! 

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I think that for each student, he/she is given an interview score (whatever it is out of idk) and the wGPA that they have. The system/excel couples these two scores to create a final score. A rank order list is created based on the COMBINED scores. Those with the highest COMBINED scores get admitted, which implies that those with higher wGPAs are at greater advantage.

That's my understanding

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Based on my understanding, they require applicants to have a minimum interview score (say 60%). If an applicant scores below 60%, they are automatically rejected no matter what their GPA is. If an applicant scores above 60%, then he/she proceeds to the ranking process. In this ranking process, applicants are ranked based on a combined score of GPA and interview performance. 


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