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Hi Everyone,


This question is mainly for physio students currently studying at Western. How are you finding the program in regards to teaching techniques and classroom environment? Do you feel like you have a wide variety of placement opportunities in a wide range of settings? I have heard that Western helps students placed outside of London by giving them $600 per placement. Is this true? Are there other opportunities for scholarships etc. I have seen quite a bit on the website but would like to hear others personal experiences as well.


Also, how is the living situation in London? Is there a way to find other PT students to rent with, hopefully closer to campus? What about extra-curricular experiences? Also, I have heard that some PT programs are on a pass/fail basis, giving greater emphasis on collaboration and team-work. Would you describe Western's program to be like that?


Thank you all. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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I went to Western for part of my undergrad,  I do not have much information about the PT program. But the living situation is pretty good in London, it is a student city and there are lots of places to rent. We had a 3 bedroom apartment for 1500$ a few years ago ( it was 10 min walk from campus). Some of my friends paid like 400-450 but they lived a little far.

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