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Is it acceptable to ask my clerckship elective preceptors to do case reports?

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Work hard, make life easy for them, build rapport, and when you have that, it should come naturally. Better yet, they may offer it at that point! Hopefully you get to work with this person for a few days so that youre able to do what I suggested. You wont get it every time, but Im sure youll get at least one or two! Good luck m8

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While yes, it is an opportunity that a preceptor has to do some work to provide, as a student who is undertaking an elective presumably to demonstrate your interest in a field, I don't see any issues with simply asking whether opportunities exist. If it doesn't look like the person you're asking can think of anything, I'd leave it, but if there was something that you could write up, it's easier to get started on earlier on during an elective while you still have regular opportunities to meet with them for discussion.

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