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Outdoor EC's?

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Hey guys, fellow Canadian pre-med here. Best of luck to everyone waiting to hear back on an acceptance! I'm also waiting to hear back from a school in the next few weeks; I have no idea how I'm going to react regardless of an acceptance or rejection.

I'm planning out my summer, and it looks like I'll have more flexibility in my schedule compared to previous summers. I was thinking of finding an opportunity to get involved with an activity that would be relevant for someone who’s pursuing a career in medicine, and taking place in outdoor setting in Western Canada like in British Columbia, Alberta etc. I really enjoy the outdoors and hiking, and I’ve spent time in the Rockies in the past. This might seem like a different kind of question compared to others posted on this forum, but would anyone have an idea of opportunities (be it volunteering or employment) they got involved with that took place in the outdoors and was relevant to their pursuit of medical school? I figured I would post this in the U of C forum considering the likelihood of its med school applicants having knowledge this haha. Are there any internship/shadowing etc programs similar to what I described some you may have undertaken? Any feedback would be appreciated :)


Good luck in the next few days!

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Made an account to just to reply to this, because I want to encourage you to pursue your passions. Even if things aren't directly relevant to medicine, the underlying qualities they represent can tell the selection committees a lot about you. Several of the top 10 experiences I used for my U of C application were around mountaineering, ultramarathoning, skiing, and other outdoor activities. I wrote about how mountaineering takes preparation to mitigate risks, communication skills to work with your team, endurance and focus etc. Most of my EC's weren't directly medically related, but I just got accepted to U of C, so it seems like it worked out! 

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