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Canadian Citizen, non trad applicant from the US

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Hey guys

I'm a Canadian citizen who moved to the US to get my BA degree. I applied to US medical schools in 2016-2017 cycle, but didnt get into anything. now that i have bolstered my application and have a better MCAT score, i am wondering if i should apply to canadian schools. I graduated back in 2015.

Here's my information

cGPA: 3.69; sGPA: 3.85 (CC classes i took in high school weighed me down + Junior semester didnt go so smoothly for me after transferring to UC Berkeley, but I brought GPA back up senior year)

high school classes - 3.347
fr - 3.91
so - 3.86
jr - 3.41
Sr - 3.83
MCAT: 515 (130/126/131/128) phys, cars, bio, psych

Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer):
~570 hours (2 years) in Kaiser ED prepping rooms, serving patients food and providing general assistance to nurses
~120 hours (1 year) doing medical outreach for under-served chicano communities in Merced and Modesto
+300 hours (10 months) as a part time EMT-BLS (this is my job currently)

Research experience and productivity:
~500 hours (1 year) in evolutionary biology lab with PI (studying beetles) w/ paper published in 2017
~1500 hours(1.5 years) in a cancer biology lab with Post-doc (did my honors thesis in this lab).
~2000 hours (1 years) as a full time lab manager/research associate for a lab
~700+ hours (9 months) as a full time Research associate for a Biotech company based at NASA - I was making transgenic mice and rats
-  senior thesis that allowed me to graduate with honors in 2015

Shadowing experience and specialties represented:
100+ hours (2 years) in Kaiser ED shadowing (I could follow any doctors and nurses whenever it was appropriate, but there wasnt 1 doctor i followed consistently, it was whomever was available during my shift)

Non-clinical volunteering:
+200 hours (1.5 years) Volunteer for San Quentin State Prison as a Math/Science Tutor for college credit transferable classes
+200 hours (2 years) Science education outreach for schools with low to zero science programs + Mentoring Middle School students to help them design their own science experiments.
~100 hours (1 year) doing science education outreach for minorities (SACNAS)

Other extracurricular activities:
~240 hours (1 year)working as a math tutor in community college
~700 hours (1 year) as a cashier while going to school to support myself

Relevant honors or awards:
Graduated with Honors

Letters of rec
2 Academic Science letters - (A's in multiple classes for a full year from both CC and Berkeley)
2 Science research letters - one from Lab manager job + one from publishing a paper
1 Clinical job letter - EMT job
3 letters from my EC's -> 2 from prison volunteering, 1 from science education leadership


what do you guys think? should i apply to canadian schools? I grew up in vancouver, so my dream school is UBC, but the admission statistics look real grim.


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