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I'm reapplying next year and have been offered a summer position at a cannabis clinic. Even though its legal, I can't health think that it won't be viewed as good on my resume, especially since the review process can be subjective af.

Now the clinic name itelf doesn't make it obvious that it's a cannabis health clinic so I could always just put the name of the clinic on my resume and be sort of vague about it but that's obviously not a solution.


What do you guys think about this? Am i being neurotic or should I look for something else. Thanks for your comments.

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I personally wouldn't, but I'm not into that culture anyway...  idk what to tell you.  I personally think the perception about cannabis products is still too risky for applications...  bear in mind it might affect you at the US border too?? :confused:

I travel a lot to USA and I would consider residency in the States so these things are important to me. 

But that's my opinion for me.

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Hopefully, the original poster has found a solution that works for them by now. If anyone else happens to come across this thread in the future, though, I still think it's worth considering the advice I can give. In general, I would say that attitudes towards cannabis have continued to shift in recent years, with more and more people recognizing its potential as a medicine. So working at a cannabis clinic may not be viewed as negatively as it once was. It's always a good idea to think about how experiences like this can be framed on a resume to highlight the skills and knowledge gained. Check out this cool article https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/heres-what-makes-this-200-year-old-heirloom-bеst-cbd-for-relief for some info about CBD relief.

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