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Western Medical Science vs. Guelph Biomedical Science?

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I am (yet another) high school student hoping to enter medical school and unable to make a decision for my pre-med program. 

I was accepted into Western for Medical Sciences, Waterloo for Honours Sciences, McMaster for Life Sciences, and Guelph for Biomedical Sciences. I think I've brought it down to being between Guelph and Western. 

I keep reading contradicting opinions on each program, so I'm not really sure which one I'm favouring at this point. 

If you took either program as your undergrad, where are you now? What are your thoughts on the program? I know it doesn't matter which program I choose, it's only down to the GPA, but I just want to know what other people's experiences were like or what they've heard from other people! 

Sorry, I know it must be a rarity to find a high schooler seeking advice on here and you're definitely not sick of it, but I thought it would be worth a shot, just to get some outside opinions.


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I didn’t study BioMed at Guelph, but rather Applied Human Nutrition. I had plenty of friends in BioMed though, and they all loved it. Guelph, overall, is just an incredible place. Beautiful campus, best campus food out of all Canadian universities, and tons of supports available for students. BioMed students have the option to take a human anatomy class where they do dissections (students also have the option to take the prosection anatomy course if they aren’t interested in dissection). My friends who were in BioMed really liked that it was relatively easy to get to know the professors (if you made a bit of effort) and the profs really seemed to care about students’ success. Plus, a lot of the “gunners” at Guelph are interested in veterinary medicine, so you don’t get the kind of “cut-throat” pre-med vibe that I’m told exists at other universities.

If you have specific questions about Guelph, I’d be happy to answer them. I loved my time at Guelph! I was a peer helper, volunteered with the Health and Performance Centre, with the Student Nutrition Awareness Program, had an NSERC USRA, and did an undergraduate thesis. 

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On 5/12/2019 at 1:20 PM, Crunch fitness said:

Thanks so much for your answer Nutrition Runner. Anyone from western Med sci? Any thoughts?

I've asked this same question on another site, there are some people from med sci that have replied. Do you want to hear what they said?

Which one are you leaning towards? 

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18 minutes ago, Crunch fitness said:

Yes I would love to. I am leaning towards western Med sci, simply because there are so many option inthird and fourth year.

Yeah, I like the module concept in the later years, but I'm concerned I won't particularly enjoy the 'broadness' of the first and second year. I like how Guelph goes right into 'medical' topics and has a cardiology course in year four. Which school are you closer to?

I posted on a site blocked at school, so I'll let you know what they said when I'm home.

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