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Offered admission this morning at 10:35am!  Declined for UofA. Only had until June 7th to accept or decline so hopefully more offers are sent out soon. Good luck guys! 

The waitlist came through for me!!!  I was offered admission at 1030 today, in province, accepted it already and over the goddamn moon!!!!  Hang on guys, you’re going to make it. If not this year then

I got an offer Friday morning! Still can't believe it. I am accepting! Just wanted to post so everyone knows there is still at least some movement going on! Good luck everybody!! 

3 hours ago, Omsauce said:

Accepted off waitlist

Timestamp 5:53pm EST

Out of province.

Finally waitlist started to move!

Did you get a phone call or email? I got 2 phone calls today from the same unknown number that I ignored. Starting to get really paranoid it might be U of C LOL

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26 minutes ago, eal said:

I thought for sure there would be some sign of movement by now, other than the two OOPs. Wish there was some indication on the blog regarding where we are at. No matter how hard I try, I can't stop incessantly checking my email.

I’m in the same boat as you. It’s definitely hard not to think about it! Try to keep yourself occupied. Based on last year’s posts, my guess is that there may be two more rounds of offers this Wednesday and Friday and then more next week. Of course this is just speculation. The admissions blog has been awfully quiet this year as well, compared to the past :( It might be due to their limited staffing and the change in director that’s happening but still wish we could get some update on the numbers... 

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