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Hello! I didn’t find any posts about the current application cycle and I am wondering if anyone wants to chat while we wait for the offers/rejections to come out (on the website it says up until May 15th?). The wait is killing me! How did you find the MMI? I personally was so nervous for the first station that I felt my entire body get hot and pretty sure I turned bright red :lol:. Hard to get a read on how the other stations went. 

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I am so worried too. Literally can’t sleep. I feel like the MMI went so fast. Can’t really remember all the questions and my answers but I tried giving it my best shot. My first station was the writing station and I was so nervous. Don’t think I did my best in that one. Still fingers crossed.

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Don't worry about the MMIs they are done and out of the way, I know that I found it hard to sleep between the MMIs and getting accepted. Here is what I found helped, stay mentally and physically active with other things (go to the gym/engross yourself in a book), spend time with friends and family sometimes its good to just vent about how things went it allows you to process what happened as well as get an outsiders perspective. The reason you do so many stations as it allows you mess up 1 or 2 as they know nerves can sometimes get the better of candidates.


The last thing is that UofT will notify you on the date they set if not before the class of 2017 found out 4 days before the expected date which was a nice surprise. Lastly if you don't get in you could be wait-listed, if not process what you think you did right and wrong (your supplemental and grades got you to the MMI ) and set yourself the task for improving for next time.


Best of luck. 

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1 hour ago, Cupcake94 said:

Thank you! 

I feel like I did well in a few stations but it’s so hard to tell since the interviewers had no expressions at all. 

I was wondering if final selection is based solely on the mmi? 

I felt that way too! It feels so bizarre to talk to someone and not get much feedback from body language/verbal as you discuss. This took me a few stations to get used to I think. Hopefully that means it’s more objective, though :). 

Thanks for the great advice relaxingbath! It’s true that either way, good learning opportunity and at least we can be better prepared for the future if it doesn’t go to plan.

I tried to hunt the admissions decisions info down and I didn’t see anything about how much each step is weighted. 

Crossing my fingers for you too, cupcake94!

Thanks for chatting, this is also helping to pass the time before decisions come out. I feel a little less anxious lol (but still perseverating of course)

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Yes PApsmear, It’s definitely great to be talking to someone going through the immense stress of not knowing .

I’m so worried; did every kind of search possible trying to find out how they make the final selection but couldn’t really find anything.

Although a PA from the PA consortium mentioned the MMI is most likely weighted as 40%. Not sure how I feel about that . Let’s see what happens. 

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For UofT having paid health care experience looks really good on your application, the more patient interaction the better as well as showing a high degree of independence.

For the MMI there are books on the subject, which some people recommend as I haven't read them i'm not in a position to do so. However I did read over the following pages/documents


https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/docs/default-source/admissions/interviewer-manual-mmi_websiteversion.pdf?sfvrsn=2 (previous version) 

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