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UofA PT Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected

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3 hours ago, PeeTee11 said:

Did anyone get an email from uofa today (May 24)? Just wondering if second offers did come out today. Also I have yet to hear back from uofa and find it strange that some of us have heard nothing while others heard on May 2.

Nothing today as of yet.

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I was told I was on the waitlist last week, but I had my interview on the alternate date. I wouldnt expect I would hear back on the 2nd like others had after only 3 days following my interview, but who knows. I'm also an in-province applicant. 


When did others get told they were waitlisted?

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Has anyone got in off of the wait list? I emailed the admissions office from the first email that was sent out May 2nd and they said I was in the bottom third of the wait list. I’m guessing there hasn’t been that much movement, but I am still hopeful! 

Im an IP applicant with sGPA 3.79 and cGPA 3.4

fingers crossed :)

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