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If I did undergrad AND med school in U.S., can I come back to Canada?

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So, I am a Canadian citizen who attended a U.S. university for undergrad, and then ended up getting into a U.S. med school. I am currently an M2 at this U.S. med school, with hopes of returning to Canada for a FM residency. My question is: will the fact that I did not go to a Canadian university for undergrad AND med school affect me negatively in any way? Will I still be able to apply to/get into Canadian residencies having not attended a Canadian university for undergrad and med school?

Are there any rules, etc. against someone like me who did not attend a Canadian university or Canadian med school from returning to Canada for residency, or to live and work in Canada, etc.?

(ALSO: What if I ended up doing a U.S. FM residency? Would I still be able to return to Canada to live and work having done undergrad, med school, AND residency in the U.S.?)

Any clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time and help.

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Yes, According to CARMS you are eligible for 1st iteration and are seen as equal to a domestic MD student assuming you went to a USMD school. You can also apply to both matches, with the Canadian match occurring first. If you match in Canada you will be automatically removed from the US pool. For FM US training is 1-year longer than Canada so you wouldn't have any issue at all. My neighbour did her residency in Michigan and had no problems coming back after.



So you can come back after if the training is equal.. sometimes it means doing an extra year of residency in Canada or in the US, sometimes its already built in.  


Hope that helps. I know its a quick answer. For all additional questions refer to https://www.carms.ca/match/r-1-main-residency-match/


and the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the province you are interested in. For DO you are eligible for 2nd iteration but I think that will change in 2020 once the merger officially happens.

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