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15 minutes ago, PremedToronto said:

Hey, it's not that something went wrong for you to not get the offer right away, but that something went right for you to be waitlisted and not be rejected right away :) It's all relative, I know many others would be grateful to be in your spot. I was also waitlisted back in 2015 and managed to come off it after lots of prayers!

I think the movement on the waitlist is quite good...I would agree and guess that probably half the people on waitlist will get offers but can't say for sure...

Thank you for sharing your experience! 

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4 minutes ago, jk_9 said:

Does anyone know if the waitlist differentiates between IP/OOP?

It doesn't differentiate, but often OOP are more likely to get in because 1) a higher percentage of accepted OOP people decline their offer, freeing up space within the 10% available OOP seats and 2) the OOP people on the waitlist tend to have stronger overall applications, otherwise they wouldn't have made the interview stage.

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