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OT vs PT - Making a Choice

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Current UofT student here. I have been lurking these forums for the past 2 admission cycles, but have never posted because I have been unsure of my chances for admission to an OT/PT program. However, my ACORN status at UofT now shows "Invited" to MSOT2 and I have received the Torrible Goldman Sachs Scholarship email from Queen's.

So, if the assumptions of this forum hold true then I am hopeful in receiving offers from the OT program at UofT and the PT program at Queen's.

Regardless of where I end up, I will be thrilled if I get any offers on May 17th. Now, I am seeking help in making a final choice between OT and PT. I am theoretically well informed on what each profession entails and believe my personal characteristics will fit in to helping my community effectively in either profession. But,  I am seeking diverse perspectives outside of my own. 

My major consideration is future job opportunities and differences in future outlooks. Any and all opinions are welcomed, and I hope I can connect with some people to have some mutually meaningful conversations. Take care everyone, and good luck with your choices. 

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That sounds like a decision that you have to make for yourself, especially if you already have an idea of what each profession entails. My understanding is that the job prospects for both fields is good and I imagine the salary is comparable. There is a fair amount of overlap between the professions depending on the setting in my opinion. To give you something else to consider, you should think about the type of setting you want to work in. Many PTs work in private practice, but it's not as common for OTs. My impression is that OTs primarily work in publicly funded positions, but there's also unique jobs like working for insurance companies. Both work in hospitals, which is where their roles look more similar. Maybe take a look at job postings and see which ones you could see yourself in? 

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Do not go to UofT for OT. 

As for your decision of OT vs PT. I can't speak to PT but I can say that OT is an incredibly fulfilling role. It is flexible, creative, and strongly makes an impact on an indivdual's life. There are OT roles in both private practice (ex. MVA, workplace, insurance, hand therapy, paediatrics, writing aids, home assessments etc) or public (ex. on acute care, rehab, palliative, etc). I saw the comment above in which they said the opposite of this - I just wanted to say that there is a growing need for OTs in private and it's not as uncommon as you think.

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