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Accepted my offer on Tuesday after many years of applying. Hopefully this gives hope to those on the wait list and those with low GPA's. Timestamp: June 4 10:43AM PST Accepted SMP (3rd choic

anybody received any news lately? 

I'm also on the waitlist and can only speculate. I think the first round of waitlist offers is mostly given to highly ranked waitlisters (usually OOPs given their pre-interview cutoffs) and also

1 hour ago, jk_9 said:

For those who attend UBC and are waitlisted - do we need to submit a copy of our transcript? Or does UBC have it already? For the applications process we didn't need to, so I'm not sure if it's needed for waitlist.

Yes you do need to submit it even if you are waitlisted! 

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1 minute ago, bhaggy said:

Yes you do need to submit it even if you are waitlisted! 

If you are a UBC student you dont need to: 

  • UBC students do not need to email us a new request to access their transcripts electronically; we will use the request we have on file. We accept paper UBC transcripts as well.
  • Please check the Applicant Status page for confirmation that we have received your final transcript. UBC students who have authorized us to access their transcripts electronically can assume their final transcript has been received even if the status says "Not Received."
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IP waitlister here. Just got in today to SMP! Have been reading this forum for a while and wanted to post in case it helps anyone :) these last 4 weeks have been absolutely awful so I am sending positive thoughts to everyone still waitlisted! 

Timestamp: June 11 10:50am PST (Off Wait-List)

Accepted SMP (3rd choice)

Early or regular deadline: Regular

AGPA: ~90%

MCAT: 512 (127/126/131/128)

Year: Graduated

ECs: Some traditional some not. Hospital volunteering, dance teaching, working with kids with special needs, some research (no publications just volunteering as a RA). 

Geography: IP

Interview: This year was my first interview (3rd application though). I practiced a lot and after the interview felt good about some stations and not so good about others. 



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56 minutes ago, hopefulindestiny said:

I am not sure what the chances are now. For those of us that are on the waitlist. 
Is anyone declining offer? 
Not really sure what to predict or hope for. 


In 2017 they had 4 rounds posted on the blog and last year they had 5 so I think the class is basically full at this point. Sad we were so close yet so far :( but I’m sure a few more will get offers so fingers crossed!

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1 hour ago, hopefulindestiny said:

so looks like they sent out round 5.  did anyone hear anything? 
Based off judging from the trends, I believe this would be the last offer round as the class is almost or will be full. 

I didn't hear anything. But looking at the thread from last year, I think there were still offers made after all the rounds were over, probably individually.

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3 hours ago, hopefulindestiny said:

hey guys does anyone have any updates on when this last rounds deadline was? 
I see that the new application for 2019/2020 is open but was wondering if anyone anticipates any updates on the blog soon?

I’d love to get some insight on this as well. It seems that the “class is full” email doesn’t come out till August. Are people on the waitlist expected to hear back anything between now and then ?

Also, I read somewhere on the forum that there are still going to be “smaller rounds” moving forward. Can someone whose been through the waitlist process before please confirm that ?

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Fwiw, I got an offer to my first preference site today. I originally received an offer to my third preference site on June 4th, off the waitlist.

I'll be accepting my first preference offer and I hope this helps someone on the waitlist in some way.

Regardless, you guys are all very deserving and I wish you nothing but the best.

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