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Got the call at 5:17, Accepted to Windsor Campus!

Welcome to Windsor guys  

3 hours ago, isitlunchtimeyet said:

Are there ever more rounds of waitlist offers after this point? I thought most movement will have already happened.

Next round will be after june 10 which will be much smaller than the first wave that happened after may 28. After the post june 10 wave there will be very little movement, probably none or a couple into july and august historically.


any how anyone still on the waitlist at this point should be working on improving for next year’s application realistically while waiting for the class full email.

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10 hours ago, ernstmach said:

Odds aren't looking great for another wave of movement then I guess? Whenabouts has the class full email usually gone out?

Usually end of August. I think there might not have been a second wave for what ever reason, but I still expect for there to be a few spots opened up here and there.


Deadlines to watch out for that might open some spots (unlikely but you never know): 


June 30: completion of graduate degree / final undergraduate transcript due 

July 2nd: police check due 

August 1st: tuition, health clearance and standard first aid / CPR level C due 

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56 minutes ago, Avocadomed said:

Did they say that there may be more movement ? 

She was pretty tight lipped - I don't think they like being asked too many questions. I didn't push my luck by asking more. As someone said before, I think from here on there will only be the odd one-off if/when people fail to meet some of the upcoming deadlines, especially the tuition due date in August. But I'm just speculating.

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