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Hi All, 

I just came back here to post because I remember how stressful the waiting game is. Two years ago, the waitlist was still in thirds. I was on the top third but didn't hear that I got accepted until June 7. I know that that date has already passed, but there is usually movement throughout June.

Good luck to everyone. 

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6 hours ago, tallshirts said:

Did you get approved for your deferral? Congrats on getting the offer, btw.

Thank you! I haven't been approved for the deferral yet. I received confirmation of delivery of my documents only yesterday, and the office hasn't had a chance to look at them; they seem to be very busy at the moment. That seat is hopefully still coming to one of you really soon! 

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Well, I did it, guys. I've been informed that my one year deferral request was granted, and asked to confirm I really wanted to defer before my seat is released to the next applicant. I gave them the green light, but the office is now closed until Monday. This means for sure one of you is getting an offer Monday.

As someone who's been on the waitlist both last year and this year until being offered a seat in June of this year, I know how hopeless it can feel. Don't give up, I believe in you!

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