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What an emotional, amazing day! At long last! My life just flipped upside down, and there is so much to plan in so little time! AHHHH!   Result: ACCEPTED!!!!!        Geography: OOP Year: Graduate

Result: Accepted!! GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 520 ECs: Lots of stuff as I typically just follow up opportunities that interest me. Year: B.Sc. complete Geography: IP Interview: Enjoyed the interview and simply

Result: ACCEPTED!!! Completely shocked but profoundly thankful.  GPA: 3.65 (Masters GPA was not counted due to timing of completion) MCAT: 508 (131 CARS) ECs: I wrote them carefully but I don't think

Result: Accepted!!

GPA: 4.00
MCAT: 522 CARS 131 
ECs: A bit of everything 

Year: 4th Year UG

Geography: IP 
Interview: Felt good. Felt Natural 


Should change my name to "UCthanks<3" :P


EDIT: This was my second year applying btw. First time I ended up with a pre-interview score a couple points above 100, so I was pretty certain  I was one of the last people to have been given an interview. I ended up with an interview score around the 25th percentile, so my overall score wasn't even close to being waitlisted at the end.


Took a year to improve on my verbal (old MCAT 8 --> new MCAT 131 ), grow and reflect a bit, and work on my interview skills. 

Seems to have made a difference :P (Like Thermophilus below, I think luck also probably played a factor as well) 

Just want people to know that your performance one year doesn't necessarily correlate to performance for the next! Practice and persistence pays off. Keep going at it :)

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Result: Accepted!!

GPA: 4.0
MCAT: 520
ECs: Lots of stuff as I typically just follow up opportunities that interest me.

Year: B.Sc. complete

Geography: IP
Interview: Enjoyed the interview and simply behaved as I do when I'm working with health professionals/patients while shadowing.


Pretty sure I just got lucky, but I'll take that.

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Result: ACCEPTED!!! Completely shocked but profoundly thankful. 

GPA: 3.65 (Masters GPA was not counted due to timing of completion)
MCAT: 508 (131 CARS)
ECs: I wrote them carefully but I don't think I have anything earth shattering on there. Fairly varied and emphasized the impact the experiences had on me.

Year: MSW Completed

Geography: IP
Interview: I had an absolutely amazing time and REALLY enjoyed the interview day. I thought I blew a few stations but I truly had a wonderful time and focused on remaining calm and being true to who I am. Like Thermophilus I approached it as I would talk to my professional colleagues and that appears to have worked :-)


Completely shocked. This was entirely unexpected and I had already made plans on what to do and where to be 2 days from now when I figured a rejection would arrive. Incredibly thankful to be joining what I know will be an amazing group of classmates if the people I have met along the way are any indication. A HUGE thank you to everyone on this forum who were so generous in their advice and encouragement as well.  :)

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I obviously got the email yesterday, posting my stats for you now.



GPA: 3.93 (10-year rule applied)

MCAT: 511 (127 CARS)

Year: MSc almost complete

Geography: In province


ECs: I worked really hard on my Top 10. They ranged from "Involvement in Student Government" to "Teaching Assistant" to "Living in different parts of Canada" to "My educational background (BA, BSc, MSc)." By the time I submitted my Top 10, I was on at least draft 8 for all of them. I was honest and really tried to showcase the things that truly matter to me, what I love to do, and my most meaningful life experiences. I have never ever done an extracurricular with the goal of using it to get into med school - because I feel like if you don't truly love what you're doing, what's the point?  I am going to post a longer version of all this in the non-trads area, and I hope that I can be of inspiration to others. Last year Dr. Walker wrote on the blog that if you are unsuccessful in getting into med school, think about the road to being competitive as a 5-6 year endeavour. While I think that if you were interviewed this year you are definitely competitive, this year was my first interview (fourth application) and I first applied in 2011. So, it was a long road for me, but I finally made it! If you want to chat about things, you can PM me. 


Interview: I honestly had an amazing time. My philosophy going into the interview might seem scary, but my feeling about it was "I'm just going to be me. If they don't want me, oh well." I'm not trying to be trivial here - obviously I wanted to be offered a spot at Calgary, but I wanted to remember that I deserved to be there and all I could do was be myself. If I had moulded myself into the person I thought they wanted me to be, then I wouldn't have been authentic and I would have over-thought everything. I believed Dr. Walker when he said that they aren't trying to trick us, and that we should answer honestly because there was no wrong answer. I trusted the process and went in with a very positive attitude. I knew that no matter what I said, as long as I gave it my all and was true to myself, I would have no regrets. I wasn't nervous AT ALL which surprised me. In terms of preparation, I took the advice from many posters on this forum: I didn't use a prep company and I didn't over practice. I "practiced" by meeting up with another applicant and we just got used to talking for 8 minutes. I tried to practice taking notes in two minutes but I would never end up using the notes so I threw that strategy out the window. During the interview, I related things to my life and just pretended like it was a normal conversation. I felt super good about the interview, even the station where I gave a long and thorough answer to a question only to realize that that wasn't really what they were asking based on the first prompt I got. In that scenario, I just said "Oh, so what I just said I guess wasn't really the point, so now here's the point." Overall, my interview experience was fantastic and I am so grateful to the entire admissions team and my amazing first year student leaders who made the experience so positive.


It's really sinking in now. Congratulations to all those offered admission. If you were unsuccessful this year, I know that this is a hard time - but know that you are a good person and that you are amazing. And for those on the waitlist - waiting sucks, I'm sorry you have to be in limbo for a little while longer. Hang in there. 


**Edited to add Geography

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Result: Accepted! :)

GPA: 3.93
MCAT: 518, CARS 129 
ECs: Not super varied, but shows long-term commitment to my passions!

Year: Finished UG in 2015, currently first year MSc (at U of C)

Geography: OOP
Interview: I had a lot of fun during the interview!  I think it helps going into it with some thought of "I belong here!" and confidence.  As much as possible, I tried to remain calm and cheerful, and even if a couple stations felt off, I went into the next with a clean slate.

Couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement from friends, peers, family etc!  Congrats to everyone, and can't wait to be part of the animal family!

Also, I almost didn't apply to med school this year, because I would still be OOP at U of C, and also because I'm still in the middle of my grad degree, but so thankful a friend encouraged me to try again this year (2nd time).  Takeaway: keep trying!!!

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Result: Accepted!

Georgaphy: OOP
wGPA: 3.88

cGPA : 3.82

MCAT = 514 (129/127/130/128)

Interview Date: February 21st (?)

Interview Feelings (Edit): I thought it went REALLLY poorly...the non-trad style made me question my sanity and compared to my 4 other interviews I was sure I was never gonna get an offer at U of C given my terrible interview and low GPA and CARS score...

ECs: fairly extensive, varied and extremely applicable to medicine, pm for details

Year: Graduated 2014, Non-Trad Allied healthcare professional


Will be declining this offer to go back closer to home at U of T. I hope this helps all of you who are hoping for some waitlist movement! :)

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In province

GPA 3.8

Mcat: 515 (127/128/132/128)

EC's: long term hospital volunteering, lots of hobbies, some sport. Lacking in outreach and health things I think.


Interview: felt amazing about 2-3 stations, fair about most, bombed 1-2. Will update when I get scores.


Damn. First time applying, so onwards and upwards. Nothing to do but improve for next time.

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In province

GPA 3.87 (10 yr exclusion applied)

Mcat: 510(129/127/128/126)

EC's: long term, extensive experience as allied health professional. Thousands of volunteer hours.

Interview: felt quite good about most stations. Afterwards i started thinking analyzing everything and realizing that I said some stupid things in a few of them though.


I'm still grateful to have a chance since i failed the UofA interview. If i do get in, it's definitely in spite of my interview.


Now to continue the painful wait

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GPA: 3.89
MCAT 505

EC: I just committed my self to activities I'm passionate about


Interview: Kept honest, tried to be as true to my self as I can be. Didn't BS any answers. If I didn't know an answer, I said I didn't know but explained what my thought process behind coming to that actualization was.

I have no question in my mind that UofC would rank in the top 3 for best atmosphere/environment. It probably gives you the most collegial, friendly medschool experience and leaves you with life-long colleagues and best friends. But Calgary's curriculum doesn't give me the best shot at achieving what I want in my career. Will most likely be turning down the offer in a few days.

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cGPA: 3.65


Extra-curriculars: UofA: 12/17, UBC (last year): 35, so think I am slightly above average.
Interview: Felt very confident afterward, but as time goes by, self-doubt prevailed. Think I have at least 2 stations I didn't do so well, completely missed the point of one station and realized that only when the interviewer asked the first prompt. Tried to squeeze everything into 1 min left.

Take home message: leave time for prompt questions at UofC. If you didn't do so well on all stations, don't worry, nobody does!


Best luck everyone, I am thrilled!

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Result: ACCEPTED!!

Pool: 3rd year undergrad, IP

GPA: 3.95

MCAT: 510 (127 CARS)

ECs: sports, community work, hospital volunteering, etc. (a few long-term commitments that I am super passionate about) 

Interview: This was my first ever MMI, so naturally I was a nervous wreck during the whole thing. I kinda just said whatever came to mind (completely abandoned my strategy to answer questions, but in hindsight I think I did end up sounding more genuine). I felt terrible afterwards...


I am still honestly in complete shock/disbelief, and feel so honoured to be in this position! Congrats to everyone who got in, good luck to all those on the waitlist, and keep your chin up if this year didn't work out for you, because you never know what the future has in store for you!!

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