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Result: Rejection

Geography: IP

GPA: 4.0

MCAT: 520 (128 CARS) 

Degree: 3rd Year UG 

EC (what I wrote for top ten): Heavy involvement in the arts, club presidency, SU committees, homelessness volunteering & advocacy, research 

Interview: It started off BAD because my computer crashed on the first station. Was stunned for a few stations but eventually picked up around the 4th one of 8. Thought the rest went well but clearly it did not. 

Very happy for my friends that got in. I'll miss them :') 

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What an emotional, amazing day! At long last! My life just flipped upside down, and there is so much to plan in so little time! AHHHH!   Result: ACCEPTED!!!!!        Geography: OOP Year: Graduate

Result: Accepted!! GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 520 ECs: Lots of stuff as I typically just follow up opportunities that interest me. Year: B.Sc. complete Geography: IP Interview: Enjoyed the interview and simply

Result: ACCEPTED!!! Completely shocked but profoundly thankful.  GPA: 3.65 (Masters GPA was not counted due to timing of completion) MCAT: 508 (131 CARS) ECs: I wrote them carefully but I don't think

Result: Accepted 

Geography: IP

GPA: 3.8X


Degree: BSc Psychology & Sociology

EC: Personal adversities, working at various medical clinics throughout the past few years, volunteering at a brain and spinal cord clinic, serial killer research, helping family start a food truck, things I learned from a friends battle with cancer. Definitely think this was a strong part of my application. 

Interview: Felt really good. I honestly just tried to be genuine and as real as possible. I didn't rehearse, but knew my opinions or how I would behave in certain situations and just gave them a true answer. I had tech issues so only I was only able to complete 6/8 stations but they did say that that wouldn't be held against you. 

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Result: Accepted 

Geography: IP

GPA: 3.87 per UCAN

MCAT: 511 (127 CARS)

Degree: MSc completed 

EC: Employment, community work in immigrant neighbourhoods, campus activities and clubs, research (several pubs), life experiences such as living abroad. 

Interview: Thrilled to be accepted at UofC after being rejected post-interview here the previous two years! I felt the stations were less convoluted and abstract and more straightforward compared to previous years, even though they were still quite long. I tried to go at an even pace and focus on being precise in my answers without rambling too much, and it seems to have worked (even though I only looked at the camera like 20% of the time lol). I think what also helped was caring a bit less, so it made me come across as more natural compared to previous years. I'm in a fortunate position to be able to decide on whether to choose between UofC and UofA now! 

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Result: Accepted

Geography: OOP

GPA: 3.83

MCAT: 519 (129 CARS) 

Degree: BSc, BScFN, MSc, last degree completed 5 years ago

EC (what I wrote for top ten):  Included a mix of professional work and personal hobbies as well as being a parent.

Interview: I practiced every weekend for over a month but when it came to the interview it felt like everything I had prepared such as templates for answers, etc... just went out the window. I felt I couldn't have done better than average but who knows?

I'm a non-traditional applicant who was pretty content in my career before COVID hit and gutted it. A year ago this month I started studying for the MCAT. For those who didn't get in, I'm in my 30's so you never know what the future holds. Just keep moving forward and have alternate paths to go down while you wait for your acceptance.

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Result: Accepted 

Geography: IP

GPA: 3.82 per UCAN

MCAT: 513 (130 CARS)

Degree: BA, MSc

EC: For my top 10 I really focused on who I was and why. I left out of a lot of "impressive" ECs and opted instead for things like "growing up in a rural area" and some more personal life experiences. For ECs I included long term commitment to music and mental health and how I tied those together through volunteer initiatives. Basically my top 10 read like a personal statement rather than unique entries. 

Interview: Felt super great immediately afterwards and then as the weeks went on I focused on the few things I didn't feel very great about. I prepped probably 4hrs/week for two or three weeks and then 1-2hrs/day for two weeks. Prep varied from practicing with other student, practicing with friends and family, and just reading the news/listening to relevant podcasts. 


I wanted to post this because I felt like my GPA was going to hold me back based on scrolling through previous years but it didn't at all  :)

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Result: Accepted off the waitlist (May 20)

Geography: IP

GPA: 3.92

MCAT: 132/131/132/126

Degree: BScH Biochemistry (finished 3rd year)

EC: 2 jobs, volunteering, international trip, sports, etc. 

Interview: Felt really good. First 2 stations went okay, 3 and 4 went great, and last 4 felt excellent.

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On 5/13/2021 at 12:39 PM, LC97 said:

Result: Waitlisted 

Geography: IP

GPA: 3.79

MCAT: 505 (128 CARS)

Degree: BSc Honours Kinesiology (2019) & finishing a Master of Management in June

EC (what I wrote for top ten): Several long term volunteer roles (Adapted physical activity with kids with special needs, neuro-rehab assistant, one overseas volunteer experience - had to be careful with this one lol, research assistant at ACH, refugee aid), research experience, work in a managerial role, experience as an athlete, my experience as a patient, and one hobby (hiking). 

Interview: Only school I applied to. Thought it went well overall, some stations were better than others but don't think I actively bombed any. Knew I'd be on the lower end of applicants that interviewed based on my lower stats so I think it went well to put me in the position of being waitlisted.

Thoughts: I'm a third time applicant. Hoping for some good news in the coming months, thankful I've still got any chance.  

Update: Accepted off the waitlist :)

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Result: Accepted off the waitlist (June 4 3:30 MST)

Geography: IP

GPA: 3.74

MCAT: 128/126/130/127 (511)

Degree: BSc Computing Science with a minor in Bioinformatics 

EC: Bioinformatics research assistant, Computing Science Research assistant, Computing Science TA for 3 semesters, a few publications in both computing science and bioinformatics fields, hospital & rural area volunteering, my experience with music (singer in a band).  

Interview: I felt good on all the stations (that I can remember). Judging by my stats being lower than the average acceptance stats, I am assuming I did well on the interview to get off the waitlist. 


I have accepted the offer and am excited to meet my classmates soon! 

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Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone here also applied to the ualebrta DDS program and have recently gotten an acceptance letter? Is anyone planning on declining their dental spot for med? 

I just want to get some idea on how likely the waitlist will move for this year.


Any help will be appreciated! 


desperate fellow

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