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How do I defer my admission - has anyone done it before?

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I’m not sure of UofA’s position on this as I haven’t looked, but I know a lot of other schools do not allow deferrals for this reason. Both UBC and Calgary have “Proof of Program Completion” forms that graduate students must submit (with supervisor’s signature) to indicate you will  finish your program prior to MD orientation.

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I was on the phone with the admissions office about this earlier this week, as my PhD will not be defended prior to September. UofA seems to be very flexible about this and said if I wanted to defer I could, or I could just defend in the fall. I'm not sure if the answer would be different for a MSc. I recommend just calling the office and asking about your specific situation- they're very helpful! 

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Deferrals are only considered for UofA graduate students, as far as I know. They're all made on a case by case basis by Dr. Hillier.   

You can also put PhDs on hold and continue them in summers and/or following year two of med. The MD/PhD program is run by Dr. Underhill so you can speak to him about it. There are tuition and funding incentives for the combined PhD program. 

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