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Hey guys I've been lurking the forum for a long time and you guys have been super informative.

I'm so grateful to have been offered admission to Western and Ottawa but I'm having a really hard time choosing between the two.

The thing is, I'm heavily leaning towards Western for many reasons but one thing that bothers me / holds me back is the new curriculum. 

I've had bad experiences being in the year when the IB programme was overhauled and I felt like my year was a trial run of sorts.

I heard from some of my friends that the year that Toronto changed curriculum was also a mess, and I'm not looking forward to being the "guinea pig" year. Maybe I'm being too neurotic :S

Does anyone know more about the changes or have any insights?

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You can read about the curriculum changes online. But at the end of the day it wont talk about the downsides you're scared of (schools assume there are no downsides to changing curriculums). And nobody on this forum will be able to tell you if there are any downsides either - we wont know until we experience the school year. I have heard anecdotal downsides to being in the"guinea pig year" here and there, but if your gut tells you to go with Western then I would defer to that. 

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