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UofT wGPA: 3.87 (no chance here I know)

Queens/Western 2Y: 3.91 

Mac: 3.7 (big oof)

big upward curve, had like a 3.2 GPA in the first semester during first year, then pulled my head out of my ass and got 3.95/4s in the other semesters since then.

Alberta/Calgary: 3.94 -  since they do not use the OMSAS scale.

MCAT: 520 (130 CARS)

ECs: founded my own organization, long term volunteering (3 years with 3 clubs), research for 2 years at a lab, research at another lab, one publication (2nd author) another one submitted, normal hospital volunteering (300 hours so far), mentoring, a bunch of exec positions like outreach director, marketing etc. Content creator for another organization, some intramurals, singing in a couple of gigs. 

Live in Ontario, feel like there's no point in applying since my chances seem slim - did anyone with similar stats get interviews?

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