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Hi everyone, 

I'm wondering if anyone has experience in Laurier's health science program - I know it's both a small school and program so I haven't had much luck so far. For anyone that completed the program, where are you now? What was your experience in the program like? I'm trying to decide between this program and med sci at uwo. Since Laurier is a smaller school and a smaller program I feel it'd be better to do well in but uwo has a better reputation for science and med sci seems to send a decent amount of students off to med school. Thanks in advance!

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I went to Laurier health sci! I just finished third year and actually just got into U of T med school. I loved the program so much, the smaller school was a great fit for me. School reputation does not matter in med school applications. My advice would definitely be to choose whatever program is a better fit for you. If you want more info feel free to message me. 

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