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What are my chances?

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CDN applicant applying to USMD

3.97 cGPA (from UWO to AMCAS conversion) and 518 MCAT (130/126/130/132)

[I have entertained the idea of a rewrite for CARS but everytime I do practice passages I am reminded why I did so poorly in the first place lmao]

Planning to submit AMCAS mid-June + applying broadly.

  1. 3 years of residence don experience (dealing with crises on-call, managing building community, etc.)
  2. 3 years of mentorship experience (with progressive leadership positions managing mentors)
  3. Summer research project (no publication, presented at student conference) + Thesis (began a novel research study in my lab)
  4. 1 year volunteering at pregnancy lab
  5. 1 summer volunteering at maternal/child crisis centre
  6. French teacher @ local religious institution
  7. 2 summers of retail
  8. Some team sports
  9. Have pilot's license, taught aviation to youth for couple years (beginning in high school)
  10. Numerous academic and leadership awards

(Looking over this, I can see I am lacking some clinical experience. I volunteered a significant amount at 2 hospitals while in HS. The consensus I am getting is that I should avoid putting that on my AMCAS. What do you all think?)

Oh also I started volunteering at a hospital just this May where I am also doing research w/ a Clinician Scientist but I have no idea how to squeeze this into AMCAS esp. if I have only spent a month there. If I am fortunate enough to receive an interview, hoping to discuss it there.

Super cautious given acceptance stats lol. Thanks for your time guys <3

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