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I'm a grade 12 student that is graduating this year. I want to go to medical school, but I want to go to an undergrad that prepares me the most for it (GPA, MCAT) and other requirements. My options I'm thinking of right now are:
Waterloo Biomedical Science (no co-op)
Pros: Good structure and has many courses that are perquisites for med schools Cons: I heard it was hard (courses like embryology) which I won't be able to get a high GPA
Waterloo Honours Science (no co-op)
Pros: Lots of flexibility in terms of electives (so you can boost GPA)
Cons: Idk (no structure?)
Waterloo Life Science (co-op)
Pros: Idk
Cons: Idk
McMaster Life Science (co-op)
Pros: McMaster is known for their sciences
Cons: Enrollment says 1000 so large class sizes? Waterloo ranks higher than McMaster in terms of reputation (if that matters). Waterloo is known for co-op.
Guelph Biomedical Science (don't think so)
Pros: Idk
Cons: Haven't heard much about it (like it doesn't have a big reputation)
Would co-op matter? Like if I don't get into med school would it get me a higher chance to get jobs and would it be good for graduate school? Which school has the better co-op? In terms of GPA, which program is the best? In terms of preparing me for the MCAT, which program is the best? Which school is best in terms of marks, ECs, community? I'm thinking of McMaster Life Science because they have a medical school and I've heard McMaster is a good school for science (not sure tho).
In general, which program would give me the highest chance of getting into med school?
Can you provide me a more in-depth explanation of why this program is good (if you took it)?
Are there any other programs I should consider (other than McMaster Health Science and Western Medical Science which I did not get into)?
Correct me if I'm wrong with any of the programs (I really don't know much about them).
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