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Hello all, 

I am trying to decide what is the best route to take my English requirements to be eligible to apply for UBC med. I have to choose between TRU, Athabasca or UBC. I am a masters student so I could technically do my full year of English during the year but I have some other courses I am interested in and I hear that English can be annoyingly difficult to get a good mark in so I would rather just focus on that in the summer. 

TRU Open learning is only $900 to take the two English courses, Athabasca is close to $2,000 (yikes). 

Has anyone taken these courses and how possible is it to get over an ~%85, or is ~%80 more realistic? Also, how would I find the averages for these courses? 

I am also planning on applying to other schools in Canada and if people know how a summer course impacts things that would be great. 

Thanks for your input. 

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I took ENG211& ENG255 through Athabasca this year. It was $1200ish for both. 

I got around 90% in both, which translated to an A in one and an A+ in the other. I didn’t find either very challenging and finished them each in around 6 weeks while working full-time. However, my undergrad was partially liberal arts so I have previous reading/writing training. They are annoying courses but you could get them done very quickly over the summer. 

I have no idea if Athabasca publishes averages for courses but they have great customer service if you phone to ask questions. I’d recommend giving them a call to find out. 


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