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I just realized on ORPAS it said final transcripts must be submitted by June 30th and was wondering if this is only applicable if your Bachelor's Degree has not been completed or everyone has to submit regardless? I completed my Bachelor's Degree back in 2016 from one University and nothing on my transcript has changed since I applied. I also completed 2 courses as open studies/continuing education at a different University since I applied, so will I need to request a new transcript from that University? I'm worried that my University won't be able to send my transcripts to ORPAS by June 30th!

Thank you and sorry if this is confusing. 

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If you've completed courses since applying to ORPAS, then yes you need to send them the final transcript.  I emailed them to ask about this a couple weeks ago and you do need to request it from whichever university you took the courses at and then have it sent directly to the same ORPAS address to had your Bachelor's transcript sent to.  

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