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NTP Change - What to do?

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@mattysal I feel your pain. But, like @amt6500 has mentioned in another thread, the NTP was a tough pathway to get into to begin with so maybe your chances will be better with these new modifications to the MDCM. For the 3 prereqs: not sure which ones you are missing, but you can do them at Cegep (Dawson, e.g.) quite easily and affordably. If not, Athabasca offers remote courses for pretty much all prereqs - with labs - except for biology (although it is much more expensive). 

I haven't considered writing admissions about this. For starters, I already planned on switching to the traditional MDCM pathway before NTP was cancelled. I also don't think they'll be making any exceptions here - they announced NTP was under review since April at least. Don't give up! 

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